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From the mission 'making a difference in health and well being of mother earth, mankind and society', every two years Another-View initiates, organizes and sponsors the Health Certification Training.
During the training students are offered a unique platform to get the best out of themselves concerning health, wellbeing, vitality and other areas of life. 
Together with the trainers - who represent knowledge, skills and more than personal involvement concerning health and wellbeing - we also work on a NLP Health community. 
Marian Langbroek
In 2005 I was a student in the Health Certification Training myself. For me it has been an amazing journey that has given me a lot in my personal life as well as in my work as a guide of change processes in shopping areas and inner cities. I first hand experienced the contribution of the intense processes to realise good health and I am grateful for that.
Every day I use my learnings from my health coach study by appllying them to my work in the shopping areas to stimulate a cooperation that is ecological and healthy. 
In the HCT I was a resource person a couple of times and had the opportunity to guide students in their process during the training. The HCT is very close to my heart.

When in 2013 the Health Certification Training no longer continued I felt it as my mission to retain this beautiful training about health and wellbeing for Holland and for students from all over the world. Together with my friend Caroline I started the adventure. From 2015 Caroline decided to follow another path. 

With Door on my side and a fantastic resource team I start the HCT in 2017 with the intention to provide a safe environment for all students and the trainers, so every one can get the best out of themselves. For an international group of participants from all walks of life, I would like to create the space to grow and develop. In this way we join together in creating a NLP Health Community. 
Door Martijnse
With a lot of pleasure I participate in organizing the HCT since 2015.
Now that I, after 34 years, no longer work as a general practitioner, I have more time for coaching and training. And therefor also for assisting in the organization and guidance of the Health Certification Program. 

In 2005 I was a student in the HCT myself. After that, a couple of times, I assisted the students  as a resource person. 
Health, in the most wide range of the word, is my passion. As a general practitioner and coach it is important to me to not only work on resolving the symptom but also to discover about the value and the meaning of the symptom. That is why I am very glad that I have the opportunity to, again, make my contribution to the HCT. 

In the HCT the trainers offer a wide range of processes and they teach you to use these in a more intuitive way. You learn to release working strictly with techniques but of course the basic principles of NLP remain. Having completed your Master Practitioner training is enough to participate in the HCT. 

I am willing to answer your questions about the content of the training. You can reach me by phone 06-12300360, or by email doormartijnse@gmail.com

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