The HCT starts again on the 18th of november!

It is now possible to register. 

Suzi Smith about the HCT
Tim Hallbom about the HCT
Kris Hallbom about the HCT

The Health Certification Training is a special training in the field of NLP and health that is held once every two years in Holland (and in 2017/2018 also in Japan). 

Participating in the HCT is a unique possibility to work with NLP top trainers in a 15 day program to bring your NLP skills to a higher level. 


Sylvia de Vries - The Netherlands
NLP-Trainer, NLP Master Coach

"If you need inspiration to take your NLP  skills to a much higher level, attend this course!! The trainers are great!

Pascaline Emms - Australia
Acupunturist, therapist

"The HCT has surpassed my expectations  with these trainers who took us to the heart of the art of NLP".
Romina Schell - Germany
Trainer, coach

"The HCT was one of the best programs I ever attended. It was worth every minute".