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Robert Dilts about the HCT
Suzi Smith about the HCT
Tim Hallbom about the HCT
Kris Hallbom about the HCT

The Health Certification Training is a special training in the field of NLP and health that is held again in Holland in 2019. 

Participating in the HCT is a unique possibility to work with NLP top trainers in a 15 day program to bring your NLP skills to a higher level. 


Sylvia de Vries - The Netherlands
NLP-Trainer, NLP Master Coach

"If you need inspiration to take your NLP  skills to a much higher level, attend this course!! The trainers are great!

Pascaline Emms - Australia
Acupunturist, therapist

"The HCT has surpassed my expectations  with these trainers who took us to the heart of the art of NLP".
Romina Schell - Germany
Trainer, coach

"The HCT was one of the best programs I ever attended. It was worth every minute".