Testimonials written

What they say about the HCT.

Richard Post - The Netherlands
Learning support assistant at the British School in the Netherlands

"My expectations were more than exceeded as I learnt so much more about applying NLP for good health than I could have imagined.."
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Brenda de Coninck - The Netherlands
Integrative (hypno)therapist

"The HCT is the biggest gift you can give to yourself. It turned my life around in more than one way'".
Pascaline Emms - France
Acupunturist, therapist

"The HCT has surpassed my expectations with these trainers who took us to the heart of the art of NLP".
Irma Bosman - The Netherlands
Teacher, coach, counselor

"The HCT is enriching and empowering. You learn new techniques but most importantly you learn to see the bigger picture with regard to what you already know".
Romina Schell - Germany
Trainer, coach

"The HCT was one of the best programs I ever attended. It was worth every minute".
Milan Somers - The Netherlands
NLP-Hypnosis trainer / coach

"The changes resulting from the work of Robert Dilts can often look like a miracle".
Annemarieken van Hespen - The Netherlands
Jurist, walking coach

"Participate in this training to enrich yourself, your experience, your environment and especially: It is healthy!"
Wendy Frost - England
NLP coach and trainer

"This course takes mastery to a higher level. What is taught here, is transformative for the student and a rich source of new ways to other clients".
Sylvia de Vries - The Netherlands
NLP -Trainer, NLP Master Coach

"If you need inspiration to take your NLP skills to a much higher level, attend this course!! The trainers are great and you learn to deal with limiting beliefs and habits, in a way that is easy and transforming. For yourself and your cliënts".
Greetje Komdeur - The Netherlands
Coach, trainer

"Wonderful trainers, inspiring program, mastering your skills".
Koos Wolcken - The Netherlands
NLP-trainer, Speaking Circles facilitator, advisor and coach

"You learn to develop your skills and to work less from a technical basis".
Klazien Verboom - The Netherlands
Guiding processes, trainer, coach

"Amongst many other things, the HCT provided me with the ability during coaching sessions to engage at deeper identity and mission levels".
Christie Jonge Poerink - The Netherlands
Coach and trainer

"The HCT is an incredibly enriching and valuable programme for all those who seek a deeper understanding of NLP and health issues. Robert, Suzi, Kris and Tim are master trainers, generous with their knowledge and truly present and interested in sharing, helping, learning and understanding. This training is a gift".
Inge Grethe Ludvigsen - Denmark
Master trainer, psychotherapist and coach

"It's a excellent program if you, in your daily work, are interested in working with health. You can absolutely also benefit in your own health on many levels in your life".
Bert van Grondelle - The Netherlands
NLP Health coach, trainer ABNLP, GNM practitioner and sound worker

"You'll be trained by top trainers in a super program. It's about fine tuning, learning to play with NLP material, mastery, creativity".
Anita Winchester - The Netherlands
Coach, trainer

"Being inspired by the top NLP trainers in the world. You do not simply learn techniques but also extremely valuable lessons about life itself. The HCT goes higher, deeper and wider. You work on mental and physical health from a holistic approach".
Timo Katajamaa - Finland
Licensed Trainer of NLP

"I have attended the HCT three times. They all were miraculous, lifechanging journeys, guided by the best ones. I have taken NLP training all over the world and the spirit at the HCT has been the very best. There are some participants who have been healed from serious illnesses during the training. If you really want to take care of yourself and also want to learn a huge amount of techniques about increasing health, you should attend this one".
Lucy Platvoet - The Netherlands
NLP Health coach, personal coach, trainer, consultant

"The Health Certification Training treats essential issues of life. The HCT is less cognitive driven and uses the body (which never lies) as the starting point. The Health Certification Training is not "wooly" but simply a profession with a theoretical basis and tried and tested techniques".
Netty Versloot - The Netherlands
Psychologist for work, health and organisation

"The Health Certification Training is an enrichment to your life and work".
Jane Lelean - England
Business coach and trainer

"Greater depth of understanding of NLP and doing community. Just do it - it could be the best decision you ever make".
Karin Schotborgh - The Netherlands
Dentist, coach

"Gaining experience during the HCT with co-students and the high level at which the co- students operate was clearly evident and very pleasant".
Gisette van Schie - The Netherlands
Communication trainer

"At the HCT I learned to broaden and deepen my NLP skills".
Teresa Pignatelli - Luxembourg
Clinical hypnotherapist

"The HCT brought me:
A deepening of my NLP skills and to be more precise about addressing health issues.
A profound awareness of many ways of dealing with health issues other than allopathy".
Karen Reichert - The Netherlands
Trainer, coach, counselor

"I find the value of the HCT in the insights and techniques that I can deploy to stimulate the self-healing capabilities of organizations and individuals. Being inspired by the masters, the added value of techniques to find the course of symptoms and the art of learning to 'play' with the material lead to stunning results. This training is, also for those who are interested in the health of organizations an absolute must."
Judith Machielsen - The Netherlands
Psychologist, NLP/Mindfullnes coach en trainer

"Thinking about health in another way. It creates so much space!"