Basis for the Health Certification Training

Health and vitality are the ability to adapt and self manage in the light of the physical, emotional and social challenges of life.
Machteld Huber*

Being involved with health and vitality of your fellow human being  is one of the finest aspects of work as an NLP coach or trainer.

In this 15-day Health Certification Training you will learn, in the context of health and vitality, to expand resilience and self management capabilities of others and yourself, with the best trainers in the NLP field: Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, Tim Hallbom, co-trainer Kris Hallbom and guest trainer Romina Schell.

This is the training where you take your NLP skills to a higher level. Beyond using the acquired techniques to a level where you act intuitively and coherently.

Now that you have your Master Practitioner level skills, the Health Certification Training teaches you to become ‘unconsciously competent’, enriching your NLP skills.

One of the most exciting features of participating in this experience is to discover what is really possible in the realm of creating deep and lasting changes in yourself and others in the context of health and vitality.

This training teaches you to let go of technique by going beyond procedures and to allow these to flow into the processes. Working intuitively is vital to achieve this.
You will undergo a transformation from your role as a coach to becoming a sponsor.
The results will astonish you.

For someone who has just graduated as a  Master Practitioner,  participation in the Health Certification Training means releasing techniques and procedures and  transforming them into processes.

Most importantly for the more experienced Master Practitioner, it allows you to  deepen, expand  and integrate processes to sponsor the client and enable the highest outcome.

Join this group of like minded people and generate more skills, more choices and experiences. It will uncover a treasure of possibilities for you for the future.

We guarantee that your experience in this training program will provide you with a profound and life long change.

It is your best choice for your personal and your professional growth.

* Machteld Huber, Dutch scientist
The HCT embraces this quote and uses this on its own initiative as  basic assumption for the training.